CA 3 Republican candidate Kevin Kiley raises over $1.1 Million in First Quarter – 11,053 individual donations have been contributed to Kiley

ROCKLIN, CA – – Today, Republican congressional candidate Kevin Kiley (CA-3) announced that he raised $1.1 million in the first quarter of 2022, shattering expectations and establishing himself as the clear front-runner in the new 3rd Congressional District. Kiley began his campaign on January 6, so the funds were raised in less than a full quarter.

As impressive as the $1.1 million figure is the fact that those funds came from 11,053 individual donations and includes no personal funds, loans or transfers from other committees.

“The support Kevin has been able to generate in 12 weeks and the enthusiasm for his campaign has been nothing short of astonishing,” said Kiley for Congress campaign consultant Dave Gilliard. “We have the resources, the momentum and the winning message.” 

Kevin Kiley is the candidate in CA-3 officially endorsed by the California Republican Party and by numerous Republican county central committees. Kevin Kiley is the leading Republican critic of Governor Gavin Newsom and his abuse of executive power. Recently, Kiley authored legislation to suspend California’s sky-high gas tax. Liberal Democrats ambushed the bill and instead inserted language raising gas prices.

First elected to the California Assembly in 2016, Kevin is the author of groundbreaking new laws on freedom of speech, artificial intelligence, privacy, criminal justice reform, and protections for sexual assault victims, along with introducing the most significant school choice legislation in recent years. Kiley is a former prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General.

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