Sacramento Bee exposes Dahle campaign’s dirty tricks, lies, doctored photos

ROCKLIN, CA –This morning, the Sacramento Bee exposed a series of dirty tricks committed by the Brian Dahle for Senate campaign. 

According to the Bee, “one campaign mailer sent ahead of the March primary showed an edited photo of Kiley standing next to Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, labeling him as a ‘former staffer’ of hers. The problem: Kiley has never met Harris.” 

The Bee also found that Dahle had attacked his Republican opponent Kevin Kiley for supporting a bill that Dahle himself backed. 

The Dahle campaign was already in hot water over sleazy campaign tactics. The Sierra Sun newspaper reported on April 1 “that local voters were calling a political mailer supporting Dahle for State Senate ‘incredibly deceptive.'” That mailer was paid for by public employee labor unions supporting Brian Dahle. 

“It’s clear that voters should not believe anything that comes from the Dahle campaign or the liberal special interests supporting him,” said Kiley’s campaign consultant Dave Gilliard.