Kevin has led efforts to suspend California’ sky-high gas taxes. In Congress, he will work to bring gas prices down by making America energy independent and reducing fees and taxes on energy production.


Out of control spending by the Pelosi Congress has caused the inflation crisis. Kevin Kiley will attack out-of-control debt by prioritizing spending. He supports a balanced budget and debt reduction.


Kevin Kiley believes taxes on the middle class and small businesses are too high. He opposed the Biden-Pelosi tax increases passed this year and will work to reduce the tax burden on middle income families and small business.


Kevin will work to cut excessive government regulations that drive businesses and jobs away. He will fight to reduce the regulatory burden so the economy can keep growing.


A former Prosecutor, Kevin Kiley worked to keep dangerous criminals locked up. He supports toughening the laws against violent and repeat offenders.


Kevin supports stronger border security to stop illegal immigration and opposes California’s crazy sanctuary city laws that defy the U.S. Constitution and tie the hands of law enforcement.


Kevin supports a strong and effective military ready to meet any challenge. He wants better treatment for veterans and active duty families and will fight to reform the VA to make sure America’s vets are taken care of – because they deserve nothing less.


Kevin Kiley understands that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is not America’s friend and that China is an adversary not to be taken lightly. He believes that the United States and its allies need to stand together to support freedom and democracy and is a strong supporter of Israel.


Kevin knows that poor forest management and drought have made California’s fire seasons worse. He will work to improve forest management so undergrowth and deadwood can be cleared.

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