Governor Pete Wilson endorses Assemblyman Kevin Kiley in Senate District 1 Run-Off

ROCKLIN, CA — Republican State Senate candidate Kevin Kiley announced that Governor Pete Wilson has endorsed his candidacy in the First State Senate District run-off.

“I stand with District Attorneys, Sheriffs and public safety leaders in endorsing Kevin Kiley,” said former Governor Wilson. “Kevin is working to overturn the dangerous sanctuary state law that encourages crime and ties the hands of law enforcement and he is leading the fight to reverse the Democratic super-majorities which government worker union money has bought in Sacramento. If you are serious about fighting crime, schools that educate, and cutting taxes and job-killing regulations, put a fighter in the State Senate, vote for Kevin Kiley.”

Pete Wilson served as Governor from 1991 to 1999 and as a United States Senator for California from 1983-1991. He is beloved as a champion for law enforcement and crime victims.

“I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of Governor Wilson,” said Kiley. “He made California a safer place, stood firm against illegal immigration and refused to bend to the special interests at the State Capitol.”

Governor Wilson joins a bevy of leading Republicans who have endorsed Kiley since the March 26 Primary Election, including former Congressman John Doolittle, Former Senator and Assemblyman Tim Leslie and former Assemblyman Roger Niello, all of whom represented portions of Senate District 1.